Deposit Methods

1) Online Savings

Online Real-time deposits to accounts, there is no handling fee. Funds deposited directly into the company on the basis of the regulatory bodies of the code in the bank's customer trust fund account, with the working capital of the Company fully independent operation.

Step 1

  • You can click here or on the website home page click on "customer login" sign FINITY online Customer Center
  • New customers can register after successful click directly on the "Account Funding", you can go directly to the FINITY online Customer Center

Step 2

  • After the customer login, select "Financial Management" in the menu
  • Click "Deposit" first, then select "Online Deposit"
  • Follow the instructions online banking login, enter a bank card information and complete payment, real-time deposits to accounts

Step 3

  • The payment is done, customers can at any time in the menu, select the "Overview of funds" to view the account access and transfer record

Method2 ) Fasapay

Fasapay Account Number: FP150330 (Gold Crystal Group Limited)

Deposit Notes

  • Please note that all cash payments will be displayed in real time on the account statements of the Company trading system, the Company will not issue a separate notice recorded.
  • In order to prevent money laundering, under any circumstances, the Company will not accept non-I (third party) of deposits.
  • Please note that the company does not accept credit card for deposits.
  • Every time a customer must deposit the amount of single to USD 50 or more than 300 RMB (applies to all trading accounts and platforms).
  • The discovery of the following circumstances, the Company will refund immediately. Banks 7% fee and other costs arising from the refund (if any) borne by the customer:
    • Deposit funds to USD 1,000 (RMB 6,000) or more, but failed to submit proof of deposit within 14 days; or
    • The use of non-I (third party) or a credit card deposit.
  • The company designated account currency is USD / RMB
  • Non-currency base deposit accounts, both payment platform market exchange rate of the account currency according to third-party online. The deposit amount by the exchange after, may differ from the original deposit amount. Almost at current exchange rate third-party online payment platform redemption price shall prevail.
  • To complete the transfer, the Company will, as soon as possible recommendations to the customer of the deposits and bank account that email to to customer service for identification.
  • The Company shall from time to time in accordance with the provisions of oversight bodies responsible to fulfill the review process, if the customer fails to submit certificates of deposit or bank account data is incomplete, may lead to delays in the arrival of funds trading account, please customers aware.