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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the CopyTrade system?

The CopyTrade system provides for copying deals of a trader in a real time mode and opening them automatically on the account of a follower. CopyTrade followers can adjust the number of trades, set the preferred ratio of lots and trading instruments to copy deals on from a certain CopyTrade trader.

Can I, as a CopyTrade follower, choose instruments and the ratio of lots for trades to copy to my account?

Yes, you can. You can copy all the trades or just trades on the instruments you chose.

Can I, being a CopyTrade follower, cancel a trade copied if I consider it potentially unprofitable?

You can close it in MetaTrader, but it is impossible to cancel it.

How fast are trades copied within the CopyTrade system?

There might be a delay of 15 seconds maximum, but orders copied are always identical to those opened on the account of a CopyTrade trader.

Will the order settings of a follower be changed if a trader modifies the order copied?

Yes, the order settings of a CopyTrade follower will be changed as well.

How a pending order is copied to a CopyTrade follower account?

The pending order is copied to the CopyTrade follower account when it is executed on the CopyTrade trader account.

Are there any requirements regarding the minimum balance the follower is supposed to have on his account before copying trades?

Yes, the follower is to have at least $100 on his account before he can start copying.