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How do I download the MetaTrader 4 platform?

Please click links to all trading tools are below – including MetaTrader4.

You may remove any previous versions of the MetaTrader software from your PC prior to installation in order to ensure proper function of the platform.

How do I reset my MT4 password?

To have your MT4 trading account password reset please contact

What can I do if the MT4 charts display “Waiting for Update”?

Most likely the charts will display this message when you download the MT4 platform for the very first time. If happen later on, you may need to do following steps as below:

  • Make sure you are connected to our server successfully. Have a look at the connectivity bars at the bottom right-hand corner which should be displayed in green/blue.
  • Open the Market Watch window and drag & drop the preferred symbol onto one of the chart windows. You will see the actual market reflected in the chart immediately.
  • Alternatively do a right click on the symbol in the Market Watch window and select Chart Window.

Can I change MT4 chart time?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the time zone to your local time as it is set by the server automatically.
Please note if you download and install custom indicators that claim to do this, you may have problems with some platform settings as our servers will no longer line up with yours.

How can I install Indicators and EA?

You need to install indicators or EA file in the "MQL4 folder".

  • MQL4 - Indicators
  • MQL4 - Experts
In case, you are not sure where the MQL4 folder is. Select "File" in the tool bar and choose “Open Data Folder” as per the below image:

Does my chart show the bid or the ask price?

By default, the Fin8ity MetaTrader 4 platform displays the bid price. If you wish to also display the ask price, right click your chart, select ‘properties’, go to the ‘common tab’ and check the ‘show ask line’ box.

Why can’t I see all currency pairs in the Fin8ity MT4 Market Watch?

Simply right click anywhere inside the Market Watch and select ‘show all’.

How do I find the latest swap rates on MT4?

Go to Market Watch window, right click on the specific Forex currency pair and select ‘specifications’. It will give you all details including the swap rates.