Trade forex, Commodities and CFDs from a single universal account.
  • CFDs
The World Largest Financial Market The forex market has an approximately daily turnover of $5 trillion as more and more traders strive to turn a profit by speculating on the value of the currencies. Are you ready to be part of the online currency trading?
  • Flexibility and Freedom - You can trade 24 HOURS A DAY, 5 DAYS A WEEK
  • Unrivalled Liquidity - Forex markets offer the best liquidity.
  • Direct access to interbank quotes
  • Responsible Leverage - You can magnify the size of the trading position and set responsible leverage levels to reduce your risk of losses in excess of your capital.
  • Low Transaction Costs - the main cost of trading is the spread.
  • Go Long or short - Forex goes both ways, which can be advantageous for t raders.
Diversify Your Portfolio Is it a good time to snatch up some gold or crude oil? Adding commodities products to your portfolio with Fin8ity can help spread your investments risk or even hedge against inflation.
  • Leveraged exposure
  • Low and transparent trading cost
  • Investment alternative to currency trading
  • High permanent liquidity
Index CFDs
What Are Index CFDs? An index groups multiple companies share prices together. They are often mentioned in the news media to measure how a certain exchange is performing.
  • No Exchange fees - do not acquire any obligations in relation to the underlying asset
  • Leverage trading - less capital to open a trade
  • CFDs don’t expire - it is a continuous market cycle
  • Multi-vehicle Investment - trade a range of instruments from the same trading platform
  • Hedging potential - open the equivalent position in the oppo site direction

Favourite Currency Pairs in the Forex Market

EUR/USD -Euro / United States Dollar EUR/USD makes up the overall volume leader in the foreign exchange market, and this currency pair accounts for over 27% of overall daily forex trading volume according to the Bank for International Settlements or BIS. The most active trading time is between 1200 and 1500 GMT.
USD/JPY - United States Dollar/ Japanese Yen The Dollar Yen rate accounts for over 13% of total daily forex volume and is the second most actively traded currency pair. Since Japanese and US market are open at different times, the most active times of the day are spread out. The USD/JPY is most active between 1200 to 1600 GMT.
GBP/USD - Great British Pound/ United States Dollar The U.K. Pound Sterling versus the U.S. Dollar rate has been nicknamed Cable since the late 1800s and is the third most actively traded currency pair with 13% of total daily forex volume. This currency pair is susceptible to considerable rate swings and so is not recommended for novice traders. The GBP/USD is most active between 0700 and 1600 GMT.
The following Forex pairs are also highly favored by traders although they have a smaller market share than the previous ones:
  • USD/CHF - United States Dollar/ Confederacion Helvetia Franc - Swissie
  • AUD/USD - Australian Dollar/ United States Dollar - Aussie
  • USD/CAD - United States Dollar/ Canadian Dollar - Loonie
  • NZD/USD - New Zealand Dollar/ United States Dollar - Kiwi