Why choose FINITY Trading Platform?

FINITY launch online precious metal deposit services, customers can through the web-based platform with the global market for precious metals quotations directly using the orders against the deal. Precious Metal deposit services extend to mobile terminals; customer is now available via the mobile platform for the transaction.

Two-way Trade Model


Liquidation of T + 0 trading patterns.
Days of unlimited repeat to opening transaction or close position with T+0 transaction mode. The sale of orientation is not limited to buy more or whole sell, silver and gold price has an opportunity to profit.

Low Entry Investment


Starting at only USD 50 margin can deal gold and silver.
Each time the minimum number of transactions a low to 0.01 (1 oz.)

Competitive Spreads

Minimum Deposit $0.05

Spot Gold(XAUUSD)dealing spreads as low as USD 0.50
Spot Silver(XAGUSD)dealing spreads as low as USD 0.05

Lower Transaction Costs

0 Commission

Through MT4 platform for trading of precious metal, our company will not charge extra commissions. Transaction costs only spreads and position overnight and the overnight interest cost.

Contract Profile

Standard Account VIP Account
Leverage / Margin About 400:1 About 200:1
Initial margin requirements 0.25% of total contract price 0.5% of total contract price
Margin Call Level When the net value is less than or equal to 100% of the initial margin, the system informs the customer to increase the margin
Liquidation Margin Level 30% of margin
Lock Position Margin Lock Position Margin Requirement: Required margin is the sum of the initial margin Lock Order 20% [1] Unlock: need to make up the original order required initial margin
* Please note that this report point difference is the average difference due to the global market liquidity low in between 23:00 GMT to 24:00 GMT. Gold, silver spreads may be expanded, please refer to the actual difference between the platform MT4 prevail.

* We strive to provide you more competitive spreads and leverage, but in rare circumstances, such as significant market or world event happens, we may widen spreads and reduce leverage, control and limit the maximum value of orders customers, FINITY reserves the right in its absolute discretion processing. Understand all the terms, click the terms and conditions.

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